Promoting the Quiet Room® label

In our ever noisier society there is a growing desire for silence. Many travellers are looking for silent locations, but also for silent spots in busy environments like big cities. And yet a surprisingly small number of hotels, even the 4- and 5-star hotels, have properly soundproofed rooms. But now there is the Quiet Room® label, an objective quality label which certifies that the holder runs a hotel with really quiet rooms.

The label is an initiative of the Quietroom Foundation. Its goals are to promote the creation of more quiet hotel rooms around the world, and to inform travellers, both on holiday and on business, as precisely as possible about hotels with silent rooms in Europe and elsewhere. To this aim we publish a regularly updated list of hotels carrying the Quiet Room® label on the website.

Hotels that carry the Quiet Room® label, guarantee that you will spend the night in a room that is well-insulated against noise pollution. They have been checked and certified. Most of these hotels have 4 or more stars. Since the start in 2014, over 100 hotels in Europe have sought classification and obtained the highly desirable label. The next step will be to convince hotels in the USA tot seek certification and fulfill the wishes of their clients.

I have been engaged by KGI to work out the website concept, write the copy for it and assist the Foundation with Social Marketing. We have published an e-book on Silence, Noise and the Quiet Room® concept which will regularly be updated. To this end I’m looking for information from anybody who has experience with quiet or noisy hotel rooms and/or has an opinion on the need for quiet hotel rooms.

Feel free to write me and if your opinions are published in our e-book you will be referenced.

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